Triggerpoint Experience

Muscle Knots
Trigger point is the medical term for a knot in your muscles. A muscle knot is a localized cramp in muscle tissue resulting from improper use or overuse of certain muscles. Trigger points often cause complaints in areas different from the one where the muscle knot is actually located.

Muscle Knot Massage
During the “Trigger Point Experience” you are treated with deep-muscle massage techniques, and the application of lasting static pressure at the place of the trigger point. The treatment results in diminishing or even release of muscle knots so that you can use your muscles without discomfort.

Trigger Point Experience at the Vitality Spa

Your reasons for visiting our Spa might be therapeutic in nature. However, we also provide you with the ultimate treatment experience. You are welcomed by our hosts on your arrival. They take you down the mystical corridors to our beautiful treatment rooms. The massage treatment lasts 50 minutes, and you will go on a journey to relaxation on our exceptionally comfortable wellness beds!

The Triggerpoint Experience is bookable for:

50 minutes  € 69,50